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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ones To Watch! - (Fast Track Changes name!)

The final Thursday of the month is when the MGEITF Talent Schemes Committee gets together.

Last week’s meeting was the first since October, so LOTS on the agenda!  We have the meetings here at Festival Towers, (a lovely phrase which makes us sound a bit like we work out of Downtown Abbey… except we really don’t!)

The Committee’s been thinking a lot about Fast Track recently, particularly as it’s the scheme’s 18th anniversary in 2012.  

Since 1994, Fast Track has been rewarding those who have already made their mark in the TV industry but aren’t yet in the position to come to the Festival as full paying delegates.  It’s got an amazing track record in identifying the best and most exciting talent.

At the last Committee meeting, we decided that it was time to relaunch Fast Track and to give it a name that more accurately reflected exactly what it was!  

So last Thursday everyone came armed with their suggestions, and after a bit of lively debate, the Committee made their decision...

I can now EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Fast Track will from now on be known as… drum roll please… the TV Festival’s ‘Ones to Watch’!  Ta – dah!

We are still all deciding on the logo... but here is a sneak peak!

In all seriousness, I think the name change sums up that the 30 people the Committee select to come to Edinburgh have been identified as the most gifted and ambitious in the industry.  It really is a badge of honour!

Caroline Meaby
MGEITF Talent Schemes Director

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