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Friday, 24 February 2012

How to become a Channels Executive at ITV...

Anna Fern reveals the 'secrets to her success' and how she became a Channels Executive for ITV!

1. How did you get into TV?

I was lucky enough to be selected for TVYP which gave me the confidence to start getting some experience in the industry. I bothered numerous companies with requests for a placement and got three stints of work experience at different companies (making my way every day on the train from my university house in Birmingham to London and back again!) I applied for lots of running positions after graduation but actually ended up getting my first role at a small company broadcasting music and film channels in Fulham.

2. What was your first job?

I was Channel Scheduler for music and film channels including Chart Show TV and True Movies. Because it was such a small company, it was all hands on deck, so I got chance to help with things like programme planning.


3.  Was the first job what you expected?

I expected to be in Production, where all my work experience had been, but it was interesting to see how a channel ran. I felt very lucky to have got my foot in the door.

4. What did you find particularly hard when you were starting out?

It can be disheartening comparing your starting wages to friends of yours in less creative careers! I found it hard feeling uncertain about whether I would be able to progress in TV and find work in the future.

5. Did you get any advice at the beginning of your career that particularly helped you?  Please share!

If you want to get into Production, get your driving license! I’m an awful driver and don’t have mine and I think this held me back when applying for running positions. Also, build your own network of peers and look out for each other throughout your careers; schemes like Fast Track at MGEITF really helped me with this.

6. What things do you know now that you wish you knew then?

That there is place for you in the industry if you work hard, are pleasant and polite, and really love TV.

7. What’s been a standout experience in your TV career so far?

Working for Peter Fincham and other senior management at ITV in my current role. It’s a privilege to spend my days with such interesting and experienced figures.

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