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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Behind the scenes of TOWIE....

Total excitement here at Festival Towers as we got exclusive access to Britain’s favourite dramality show – TOWIE!

Because we know that there’s a million job roles in telly, and sometimes it’s hard to find out who dos what, we asked the stars of Essex - Lydia, Arg, Joey and Sam to step behind the cameras for once to interview their fave crew members…  and they did! 


Watch it to find out how Lydia get on filming with false eye lashes and what are the real “pros and cons” to working behind the scenes on TOWIE… yes there are a few cons…  hard to believe but it’s true!

But its all worth it in the end and you can’t help but see there is a LOT of LOVE flowing from the cast to crew! Awwww…… 

So if you think you want to work in TV, APPLY to join The Network this August for loads more insider info... and  one day you too might be able to work behind the scenes on TOWIE, Celebrity Juice, Eastenders, Hollyoaks or whatever you fancy!

As always, a big thanks to all the peeps at TOWIE and ITV2 (especially Phil, Rhonda and Corin) who allowed us to get an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of TOWIE and really show you guys what it means to work in TV!

Good luck!

P.s… Our application tip of the day….

Be creative! 

Visit the website for ALL the hints and tips!

And remember...

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