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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The secrets of Tamara Howe's success....

Continuing on in our quest to give you a little inspiration to apply for The Network, here is our next installment of the 'Secrets of their success'...

Tamara Howe, Controller, Production Operations, BBC Vision Productions

1. How did you get into TV?
 C4 Trainee scheme (Hazaar for schemes)
2. What was your first job?  
Trainee Production Assistant at Bandung Productions
3. Was the first job what you expected? 
My knowledge of TV production was limited, so I didn’t have clear expectations.  Was initially disappointed by the lack of formal/organised training, but raised the issue and that soon changed.   First lesson, speak up for yourself.
4. What did you find particularly hard when you were starting out? 
The jargon.   I learnt to ask questions at a very early stage.  Don’t pretend you know what BITC means – ask!
5. Did you get any advice at the beginning of your career that particularly helped you?   
Preparation is key – plan for every eventuality.   
6. What things do you know now that you wish you knew then? 
You need a range of styles to communicate/deal with a range of people.  It’s not about selling yourself out, stay true to yourself, but be aware that people are individuals so it’s not one size fits all.
7. What’s been a standout experience in your TV career so far?  
Line producing my first drama.  I was totally green and it was probably the steepest learning curve of my career.   It was a tough experience but a reminder that sometimes you’ve got to put yourself outside of your comfort zone.  No pain, no gain!

So if that isn't inspirational, I don't know what is!  Thanks Tamara! 

Some serious words of wisdom there and if you're thinking of getting into TV... look at where Tamara started, and have a think about applying for The Network, it really could be your first step to a serious career in TV! EEK!

Over and Out!
Festival Team

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