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Friday, 10 February 2012

The Making Of Free Art Friday...

One of the highlights every year for Fast Track, is the live pitch.  

This is where four Fast Trackers pitch an original idea to a programme Editor and then get grilled on it – all at the EICC in front of a live audience of MGEITFdelegates and their fellow Fast Trackers.... 

Fast Track Live Pitch! EEEKK

Not terrifying at all then…!  In 2011 the Live Pitch was won by CBBC AP Jimmy Tam who impressed The Culture Show’s Executive Editor Janet Lee with his “free art” item idea.

You can see Jimmy’s film on The Culture Show tonight, Friday 10th February, 7pm, BBC Two.

A note from Jimmy on the 'Making Of Free Art Friday'.... 

"It’s an icy cold January lunchtime on the South Bank.
A production team of 12 (yep, 12!), five cameras, and three Free Art Friday’ artists have set up camp for the day.
Free Art Friday is an online network of artists across the world, who create pieces to leave out on the streets for anyone to take home - absolutely free.
Three of the artists have agreed to put some of their free work out for The Culture Show, while we capture what happens using 'hidden' cameras.
Will anyone be brave enough to take the work? Will anyone look or even notice them? Will they think it's artistic treasure or absolute trash?
Ten minutes into the first artist 'drop', nothing’s happened. Not a blink. Runners jog by, mummies stroll on, and tourists don't seem interested. I’m starting to worry. Whose silly idea was this again? Ah, that would be me.

It was August when I stood in front of The Culture Show’s editor Janet Lee at the Fast Track LivePitch event. The stark difference between pitching an idea and actually making it a reality has sunk in over the month I've spent working on it (guided by talented director Luke McMahon)... but it's been worth it.
 A mere six minutes later, success - we have our first bite! A bunch of art students pull the art off the tree. Our presenter Michael Smith and camera crew swoop in. Thankfully, they're happy to talk - and we get a golden moment no one could have scripted.
“What is it?” asks the student. "It’s a self-portrait," responds Korp the artist. “Sorry I’ve never heard of you,” is the cheeky reply. It’s wonderfully funny and beautifully unplanned.
You’ll have to watch the film to see who (if anyone!) gets their hands on the work from the other two artists, My Dog Sighs and Fin DAC.
But, for me, I got a whole lot more than free art from my Fast Track Live Pitch experience."

Another happy customer.... Ahhh....Over and out from the Festival Team!

Have a great Weekend and don't forget to watch Free Art Friday on The Culture Show tonight, 7pm, BBC Two.

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