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Friday, 9 March 2012

The making of MGEITF 2012

When Caroline and I aren't busy making people's TV dreams come true I like to plonk myself in front of the telly and get on with a bit of cutting and sticking. So, imagine how happy it made me to be asked to use my skills with paper and glue to create the illustrations needed for the Festival and The Network's 2012 design campaign.

Making The Network

For The Network we wanted something fun to sum up what the scheme is - four free days of learning how to make great TV. Over several late nights I made a selection of paper TVs, cameras and associated paraphernalia that could be photographed along with cut-outs of some of our fabulous Network alumni.

Making the Festival

For the Festival we wanted to keep the message simple: It's in Edinburgh. It's absolutely great. So I got out my craft knife and got to work. On the morning of the photo shoot I suddenly realised what I had said I could accomplish and the fear kicked in. With Amy on hand and a length of magicians wire we managed to make what had been in my head all along come into being and ended the day with a whole bunch of great photos - the one below being mine and Amy's absolute favourite!

So, now my MGEITF illustration work is complete. Here's a little taste of how the graphic designers are using it, we hope you like it :)

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