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Thursday, 13 March 2014

#Network14 Twitter Chat Round Up

Twitter Chat - Getting into TV with #Network14

Twitter Chat - Getting into TV with #Network14

A Twitter chat on applying for The Network and general tips & advice on getting into the TV industry. Hosted by @TheNetwork_TV, with panellists @SimonNorman1, @ShelleyTalksTV & @TamsinCurry
  1. Just to intro our panellists: @SimonNorman1 is Story Assistant on Casualty; @ShelleyTalksTV is Development Researcher at Electric Ray...
  2. ... and @TamsinCurry is an Assistant Producer, who is glamourously joing our Twitter chat from Paris! #network14
  3. Our panel all started in quite different parts of the TV industry, which really goes to prove that there's no one "correct" route into television.
  4. @TheNetwork_TV 1st job was a researcher on Newsnight Review. I was working in BBC radio, applied internally. Got it as I had arts journalism
  5. @TheNetwork_TV lucky enough to get on the BBC PTS- first job trainee ass script ed on #EastEnders.
  6. @TheNetwork_TV continuing drama = best training ground. Fast paced, high turnaround but hugely rewarding. #network14
  7. @TheNetwork_TV 1st job in TV was as receptionist at C4. Then went on to secure a place on C4's Production Trainee Scheme #DreamInternship
  8. And they all had some great pearls of TV wisdom to share.
  9. @TheNetwork_TV don't tell stories u think ppl want 2 hear. Tell stories tht excite u personally. Your passion will shine through #network14
  10. @TheNetwork_TV #Network14 You are a business with it's own brand and you're only as good as the last production you've worked on #NoSlacking
  11. @TheNetwork_TV Try to understand the whole process, so you know what everyone does on a shoot #network14
  12. We had a few questions about the practical side of applying for The Network...
  13. ... And our other talent scheme Ones to Watch. (A lot of this advice is also relevant for Network applications too).
  14. @TheNetwork_TV What advice would you give for applicants of this year's OTW? Thanks! #network14
  15. .@GracefaceTV Tell us what OTW can do for you nowhere else can & what you can do for OTW & Network to nurture talent. Altruism v imprtnt!
  16. @GracefaceTV @TheNetwork_TV And don't worry about whether you've had the 'right' experience, everyone's is different. #network14
  17. @TamsinCurry @TheNetwork_TV @GracefaceTV I agree I had least exp last year. Its about wot u bring to the table,nt wot u hvnt done#network14
  18. @GracefaceTV I remember spending ages on answering application questions! I knew my C.V wasn't enough to stand out on its own #network14
  19. And we discussed getting into TV as a career change.
  20. @TheNetwork_TV I followed another path but find myself wanting to write comedy. Is it possible to break to the industry from the outside?
  21. .@ljmessam @bbcwritersroom often have comedy opps. & get making your own stuff to put on YouTube. You never know who might see it #network14
  22. @TheNetwork_TV @ljmessam trainee schemes are great foot in the door opportunities. I only had my degree b4 #bbcpts #network14
  23. As well as tips on how to handle striking out your own as a freelancer...
  24. @TheNetwork_TV Does anyone have advice for how to handle gaps when your not working and what you can do? #network14
  25. @andycooktv @TheNetwork_TV Keep busy, work stuff (training, ideas, emailing) & life stuff (see ppl). Freelancing will always have gaps
  26. @TheNetwork_TV @andycooktv no excuse 2 nt have ur own content,scripts/shorts on youtube/writing comps etc. Ppl cnt c how gd u r if u don't!
  27. @andycooktv @TheNetwork_TV Keep busy, work stuff (training, ideas, emailing) & life stuff (see ppl). Freelancing will always have gaps
  28. @TamsinCurry @TheNetwork_TV Thanks I've found it difficult to get used to, as I'd rather be working, than waiting on new contract to start.
  29. @andycooktv @TheNetwork_TV Me too! Just embrace it, plan stuff for when it's quiet (Jan and summer)
  30. ... Or producing your first script.
  31. @TheNetwork_TV @Aaron3000_ be prepared 4 1st draft 2 b crap. But keep going, take all advice on board and don't give up!
  32. @TheNetwork_TV @Aaron3000_ and be small to be big. Find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Nothing wrong with boy meets girl! #network14
  33. @FrankyKentish asked what a typical day was like for the panel?
  34. @TheNetwork_TV @frankykentish never typical was is great! Researching, contacting contributors, planning shoots, filming #network14
  35. @TheNetwork_TV @frankykentish no 2 days the same. Script editing, research visits (paramedic for a day) filming, pitching stories#network14
  36. @TheNetwork_TV @frankykentish #network14 in a typical day researching, pitching, casting, editing, photoshoping & truck lots of TV watching
  37. Thanks to a question from @Rochelle-Eva, we also got into a discussion of the most memorable new stories or content the panel had covered.
  38. @TheNetwork_TV @rochelle_eva Behind the scenes mini doc of casualty stunt involving limo hanging off a grade 2 listed bridge #network14
  39. @TheNetwork_TV @rochelle_eva Worked on a show about the Booker when Hilary Mantel was nominated and won. Great interview #network14
  40. @TheNetwork_TV @rochelle_eva Content? Loads! Glastonbury, Cannes, Latitude, some of my favourite authors & musicians, too much! #network14
  41. @TheNetwork_TV @rochelle_eva #network14 most memorable casting real-life diary of a Call Girl incredible stepping into other people's worlds
  42. @TheNetwork_TV @rochelle_eva script edited casualty red button ep about soldiers with PTSD. We made South Wales into Afghan #network14
  43. If you want to get involved with The Network, there's plenty of information on our website or follow us on Twitter @TheNetwork_TV and like us on Facebook. Applications for the scheme are open until March 31st.
    And there's plenty of opportunities coming up to talk to us in person - an event in Cardiff on March 19th and a workshop in London (at the Channel 4 building) on March 20th. Just make sure to register!

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