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Monday, 22 October 2012

Your Festival needs you…

Autumn is a special time here at the Festival.  We’ve finally put away our Clairol foot spas and dragged ourselves back to the office after the craziness of Festival season and are full of the joys of planning as 2013 appears on the horizon.

Liz and I met Karl Warner this morning to begin plotting.  Many of you know Karl, and he’s been a great friend of the Festival and the schemes  (The Network and Ones To Watch) for a number of years so it’s brilliant to have him at the helm and we’re thrilled to have him on board.   And if you do know Karl you won’t be surprised to hear he’s already full of ideas on how to make the 2013 Festival more creative, more inspirational and more relevant than ever.  And it’s not even Christmas yet!

We’ve read the delegate feedback, requesting more chances to meet commissioners, more structured networking, more access to international delegates and more coverage of digital issues and we will be working on this for 2013! 

We know how much you loved Steve Levitan, the team behind Sherlock, the creator of the original Homeland, the audience with Ruth Jones and our very own Olympics closing ceremony.

We’re over the moon that this year’s date change (amongst other things!) resulted in over 20% more delegates, with indies and digital companies up 40% respectively and international delegates up nearly 25%...

And we’ve got a brand new advisory committee that we’ll be announcing very soon.  

They’ll be pulling out all the stops to put together the kind of world class sessions that you’ve come to expect, featuring legends from both sides of the camera alongside creatives, powerbrokers , kingmakers and rising industry stars, plus some of that leftfield crazy stuff that makes Edinburgh so very special.

But we really really want your ideas too!  

If you’ve got a fantastic idea for a session (and it does need to be good – we’re only interested in the best) then pop it on an email and send it over. 

Email or comment below... I can’t promise we’ll run it but I promise it’ll get properly considered.  The Festival is made for the industry by the industry and your ideas are its lifeblood.  So don’t hide your light under a bushel – put your best foot forward today!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Louise x
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