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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Victoria Wood and Doctor Who Lead TV Festival Screenings Programme

We are proud to unveil our full MGEITF screenings programme for Edinburgh 2012!

We are offering members of the public and Festival delegates an exclusive first look at some of this year’s most hotly anticipated television content.

The programme, which plays out between Thursday 23rd August and Saturday 25th August at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse, includes the world premiere of Victoria Wood’s film Loving Miss Hatto, the first Scottish showing of the long awaited seventh series of Doctor Who, and an exciting first chance to see Channel 4’s new comedy Friday Night Dinner, which stars The Inbetweeners favourite Simon Bird

All of the post screening Q and As will be moderated by writer and broadcaster Andrew Collins.

Loving Miss Hatto, which charts the story of Joyce Hatto, the renowned 1950s and 1960s concert pianist who only achieved critical acclaim thirty years after she disappeared from the limelight, will be followed by a Q and A with comedienne Victoria Wood, who will discuss the inspiration behind the project.

Doctor Who writer Steven Moffatt will be on hand to answer fans’ burning questions in a live Q and A segment after the explosive first episode of the new series, while Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper will be discussing his new comedy. 

Some Girls is a vibrant new comedy series for BBC Three produced by Hat Trick Productions. Following the lives of a group of 16 year old girls who play on the same school football team and live on the same inner city estate. This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Cheryl Taylor, Zai Bennett & Justin Davies

The lineup is completed by action series Hunted, a co-production between the BBC and Cinemax. Writer Frank Spotnitz, of the principal writers on X-Files, and producer Jane Fetherstone, take part in the Q and A.

The full timetable appears below:
The FilmhouseTHURSDAY 23rd AUGUST

3:00pm – 4:30pm
Friday Night Dinner


12:00pm – 13:30pm
Loving Miss Hatto 

4.45pm - 5.15pm
Some Girls

15:00pm – 16:30pm


10:00am – 11:30am
Doctor Who

If you have a FULL MGEITF ticket all the screenings are FREE and tickets will be available at the registration desk on a first come first served basis! 

If you do not have a MGEITF pass but would like to attend a screening never fear! You can buy tickets here.

Make sure you get your ticket before they sell out!

Festival Team


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  1. was immediately intrigued into seeing Loving Miss Hatto after being stunned by Housewife 49, penned also by Victoria Wood, the previous year. And I like both Alfred Molina and Francesca Annis very much, and love classical music. In the way that The Girl- the BBC Hitchcock biopic- was the biggest disappointment, Loving Miss Hatto was one of the highlights of the festive season. I found it very moving, insightful and impeccably acted on the whole. Both of the timezones depicted- 1950s and early 2000s- were realised beautifully and evocatively and the photography is controlled and unobtrusive. The music is really wonderful stuff, Rachmaninov and Chopin especially, and utilised here appropriately and very beautifully played, particularly the Chopin Etude which gave the drama a haunting but poignant note. consulta medico pediatra medico doctor dermatologo veterinario veterinario lawyer consulta abogado abogado abogado abogado abogado psicologo doctor psicologo abogado abogado I wasn't familiar with the story prior to watching, but my dad did say it was big news. That didn't matter as whether or not I found that to be the case I found it compellingly told, with the part where Barry pours two squashes then realises that Joyce is no longer there really heartbreaking. The message, that of those of natural talent should be recognised, is subtle and makes its point I also loved the script, there are some great wood-isms that are funny in a subtle way, and it is insightful and deliciously ironic in places. The chemistry between Maimie McCoy and Rory Kinnear was very sweet and that of Alfred Molina and Francesca Annis gently moving.